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I became interested in the health benefits of green tea about two years ago in the middle of 2005. My Mom encouraged me, as mothers do, to try it because she said, it was good for me. I was working in Iraq at the time and I still am at the writing of this page. After taking my Mom's advice I tried it and after a while started drinking several different types. What I learned after doing some research led me to want to learn more, then more, and still more. This health elixir has an unbelievable list of amazing medical and health claims.

The benefits are almost too many to be believed. I hope you take a little time and join me for a cup. While you read with me I think you will be surprised as I was about the wonders of this amazing drink. Drinking green tea is extremely good for you and provides numerous health benefits. In fact, the Chinese have been using green tea benefits for medicinal purposes since ancient times for ailments ranging from headaches to depression. Today, there is scientific research to back up what the Chinese have known for so long.

Study after study is concluding that green tea helps many medical conditions. The only known negative effect, which is entirely controllable by the user, is caffeine which might keep you awake. The solution to that is not to drink tea before bedtime. However, green tea has only about about half to a third the caffeine of coffee. By now you may be wondering what makes green tea so extraordinary. It is the high concentration of catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

This powerful green tea antioxidant slows the growth of cancer cells and in certain circumstances even kills cancer cells without hurting healthy tissue. EGCG can also help lower LDL cholesterol levels and slows the development of abnormal blood clots. This is very significant because the development of abnormal blood clots is the leading cause of stroke and heart attacks.